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Houzz Products: Cool Ideas for Refreshing Summer Drinks (49 photos)

On a sultry summer day, nothing refreshes like an ice-cold drink. Beverage dispensers, which can hold anything from lemonade to mojitos to sangria, are great for refreshing a crowd. We’ve assembled some of our favorites drink dispensers to suit any taste — contemporary, retro, elegant and more —… , Houzz Products: Cool Ideas for Refreshing Continuar Leyendo

Great Design Plant: Blue Vervain Soars in Soggy Soils (4 photos)

There are so many native plants to choose from of all stripes — many of which most of us don’t grow. But once you start growing them, it’s amazing how you’ll suddenly notice them in the wild (which is half the fun of using native plants). Blue vervain is a great example. From a distance Continuar Leyendo

Glam Home Offices for Go-Getters (10 photos)

If you work from home, having an inspiring home office to call your own is something you may wish for — but have you ever considered that it may help your career, too? Whether or not you have client meetings at home, a workspace that is not only functional but beautiful might just inspire and Continuar Leyendo

My Houzz: Clothing Designers Bring Their Fashion Sense Home (15 photos)

Three years ago Josh and Lauren Podoll began their search for a bigger home while nurturing two kinds of babies: their newborn son, Dashiell, and a women’s clothing line. They found a recently renovated home that would house their office, studio and everything else while they built their collection…. , My Houzz: Clothing Designers Bring Continuar Leyendo

Guest Picks: Set Up a Comfy Guest Room (20 photos)

My guest room is a blank slate right now. It needs a fresh coat of paint and some personality to really feel welcoming. My vision for the room is a peaceful retreat where guests can unwind and relax in their own space. I want it to feel calm, so no matter how crazy their travels, Continuar Leyendo

Decorating Is Going to the Dogs (26 photos)

, Decorating Is Going to the Dogs (26 photos),,, Houzz,, Tips de Diseño, 1, tips-de-diseno Enlaces Recomendados: Servicios de Muebles en Costa RicaCatálogo de Muebles en Costa Rica –Servicio de Mensajes de Texto Masivo Costa Rica

Turn a Beat-Up Bar Cart Into a Thing of Beauty (12 photos)

The other week at a furniture auction, I found a sad, beat-up laminate bar cart for just $2. (Yes, $2!) I was able to look beyond its scratches, dings and other signs of wear because I knew all it needed was a little TLC, wood filler, sanding and paint. And sure enough, within a few Continuar Leyendo

How to Choose the Right Sofa Cushion (10 photos)

You’ve had that sofa or chair for 20 years, and an objective, honest look at it said it had to go! The seat is sagging, the cushions are lumpy, the upholstery is shredding, and the cat prefers it to the litter box. So you went shopping, naively thinking that you’d make a decision, plop down… Continuar Leyendo

Simple Pleasures: Savor a Starry Evening (8 photos)

When you are on vacation, it seems natural to end up outdoors in the evening and even into the night, simply enjoying being outdoors. On camping trips it’s all about stargazing and marshmallow roasting; at a beach house, you might sneak down to see the waves crashing on a moonlit shore. Why not embrace… , Continuar Leyendo

Get the Look of Wood Cabinets for Less (10 photos)

While plastic laminate cabinets might seem like a relic of another era, they actually are a practical, affordable, and — dare we say it? — stylish alternative to conventional wood cabinetry. “The general public doesn’t have an understanding about the durability, flexibility and options that laminate… , Get the Look of Wood Cabinets for Less Continuar Leyendo