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6 Unsung Bulbs for Fall Planting (6 photos)

Next year’s garden may seem far away, but you can get it off to a great start by planting spectacular bulbs this fall. Some add much-anticipated color to the bare winter landscape, others jazz up summer borders, and still others bloom into fall. Many of these choices will slowly naturalize if left to… , 6 Continuar Leyendo

Cooking With Character: 13 Personality-Packed Kitchens (13 photos)

With all of the utilitarian appliances and functional cabinetry to consider, it can be easy to overlook the kitchen as a place to be playful, colorful, quirky and bold. But the kitchen should showcase your personality and work with the rest of the house. Whether you live in a period home or a character-filled… , Continuar Leyendo

Guest Picks: Shed a Little Light on the Subject (20 photos)

I do a lot of work at my desk, so I’m always in the market for a task lamp that gives me enough light to do my work and is also great looking. And now that it’s back-to-school time for so many of us — whether as a student or a teacher — I thought Continuar Leyendo

A Downtown Philly Home Pushes Houzz Past 4 Million Photos (7 photos)

Houzz crossed a milestone over the weekend when its database exceeded 4 million home design photos. These photos have been uploaded by the more than 450,000 home design professionals on Houzz and the more than 20 million homeowners who visit the site every month. So far the database includes photos of… , A Downtown Philly Continuar Leyendo

How to Make Your House Feel at Home Where It Is (11 photos)

We often see architectural designs that don’t seem to fit in with their surroundings. Following design clues from the environment is a good way to avoid that. Considering the scale, materials, proportion and siting of your house are just a few ways to design with sensitivity. , How to Make Your House Feel at Home Continuar Leyendo

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